Haigazian University


Arts Club

(Founded in 1997)

DescriptionTalent, creativity,  productivity, and achievement are terms that define the Art Club. The Club is dedicated to arts. The Club members experiment with creative artwork by using simple, ordinary materials, such as paint and clay, under the supervision of a professional instructor in the Arts work hall.

ObjectivesTo promote and support art enthusiasts, to propagate and contribute to special occasion activities held at HU.

GuidelinesAny HU student is welcome to join the Club.

Past AchievementsFor Ten consecutive years, the Club has organized its annual student arts exhibition in the HU Arts Center, the Arthur Matossian Gallery, under the auspices of renowned Lebanese painters. In 2014 the Club received “One of the mot dedicated clubs” prize.

Upcoming Events The eleventh annual student arts exhibition.


Club Instructor: Raffi Yedalian.​