Haigazian University


X-treme Team

(Founded 2002)

Description: The Team tests its members’ skills, endurance and wits to the limit, organizes extreme hiking, camping, rafting and other exciting activities, and participates in inter-university championships.

Objectives: To build a strong belief in teamwork, to inspire closer relationships between university students, and to promote highly stimulating and exciting activities.

 Every current HU student, faculty and staff member, physically fit and free of any health problems, may join the team and its activities. Members should attend a session of first aid training.

Past Achievements:
 The Team has organized several extreme workshops and survivor camps, biked from Tripoli to Tyre, kayaked to Jbeil and back, snow caved in Sanine, Zaarour and the Cedars, caved in Belu3 Bal3a, Rweis, and Aramoun and performed stunt shows. In 2012 they were awarded as “The most supportive club” prize this year.

Upcoming Events:
 The Team will start up with a survivor course camp. It will also hold a challenging hike and a snow camp.