Haigazian University


Desert Streams Club

(Founded 2001)

Definition: A caring, philanthropic Club that plans, organizes and implements charitable activities for the needy.

Objectives: To inspire others towards a better and brighter future by helping them pass through difficult moments in life with smiles on their faces and to show others that through humanitarian deeds, one can make a difference.

Membership: All HU students, faculty and staff are entitled to join, assist and participate in the activities/events.

Past Achievements: The members have collected clothes and food for the needy, visited old people’s homes and orphanages, organized several janitor’s days, provided vaccines to children from poor families, organized yearly orphan fairs and blood drives, renovated a school in Akkar as well as a public infirmary in Marjayoun and a school for the poor in the Shatila camp, and provided sponsors for children in dire need.

Upcoming Events: The Club will be planning for another orphans’ fair, janitor’s day, visits to the needy and other philanthropic activities.