Haigazian University


Haigazian Herald Club

(Founded 1958)

Description: The Club is in charge of The Haigazian Herald, the student newspaper.

ObjectivesTo make the voice of the students heard, strengthen bonds among HU students, staff and faculty, highlight and encourage activities and creative writers, promote HU, acknowledge student and alumni successes and create a forum for discussions.

Structure/Membership: The Haigazian Herald Editor-in-Chief fills the chairperson’s post. All students may contribute
whether they are members of The Haigazian Herald staff or not. All faculty and staff may join in as well.

Past Achievements: So far the club has published over one hundred issues. The newspaper has become a basic documentary source of different aspects of HU life. The paper is distributed to the university students, faculty, and staff, as well as to high schools, universities, NGOs and friends of HU. For eight years now, the club has granted prizes for the best article, best author, most prolific writer and most creative writer.

Upcoming EventsThe Club will continue to widen the range of the newspaper’s contents so that it gives a comprehensive picture of Haigazian University, and it will host guest writers.