Haigazian University


Heritage Club

(Founded 1958)

Description: The Club is dedicated to past and present cultural, national and historical legacies. It organizes lectures, commemorative events, exhibitions, trips and visits that help enhance national awareness and promote multiculturalism within the student body; it provides a bridge between students of diverse backgrounds.

Objectives: To promote awareness and consideration of past and present national and historical legacies. The Club is in charge of organizing events such as the celebration of Lebanese Independence Day, commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, and remembrance of the Liberation of the South Day.

Past Achievements: Lately the Club marked Lebanese Independence Day, commemorated the Armenian Genocide, published genocide and celebrated the liberation of the South. In 2011 and 2013 the club was awarded “One of The Most Promising Club of the Year” prize.

Upcoming Events: The Club will dwell more on visiting historic sites, work hard to establish relations with distant places in the Lebanese homeland and establish a better multicultural environment at Haigazian.