Haigazian University


Dance Club

(Founded 1996)

Description: A Club where students train with professional coaches to learn various types and styles of dances that are exhibited in performances.

Objectives: To promote the art of dancing and learn different types of dances, to give a new twist to the students’ social life at HU, and to have fun.

GuidelinesInstructors are recruited to teach various types of dances, which are later exhibited in a public performance.

Past Achievements: Over the past nine years, the club has given public performances entitles “Steps 7, #961” (2014), “Steps 6, I Wish” (2013), “Steps 5” (2012), “Steps 4” (2011), “Steps 3” (2010), “Steps 2” (2009), “Steps” (2008), “Expressions” (2007), and “Dance For Good” (2006) at Abu Khater, Doctor’s Syndicate, Sunflower, Madina and Monot Theaters.

Membership: Students, staff, and faculty are welcome to join the Club.

Upcoming Events: The Club will work toward learning more diverse dance styles, involving larger numbers of students and cooperating with other clubs for integrated entertainment events.