Haigazian University


In-Service Teacher Training

The Center for Continuing Education and the In-service Teacher Training Program celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2013!

Since its founding, Haigazian has trained teachers through its regular programs and continuing education. The In-service Teacher Training Program of Haigazian University started in 1993 with a single course for teachers. Nowadays the program graduates teachers from the program every year. We offer:
– The Educational Leadership Diploma – a program for teachers of all levels
– The Diploma for Coordinators and Division Heads
– The Diploma of Special Education Fundamentals
– a variety of workshops
– on-site training in schools

The objectives of the In-service Teacher Training Program are to:

  1. Make quality teacher training readily accessible to teachers, coordinators, and administrators of schools.
  2. Develop quality teaching by providing teachers who do not hold a university degree or teaching diploma with essential teaching skills and knowledge.
  3. Develop quality teaching by updating teachers who hold a university degree with the latest effective teaching skills and knowledge.
  4. Develop quality teaching by providing teachers, coordinators, and administrators with the means to assess their current educational programs and to improve them
  5. Maintain and improve the resources of the program.