Haigazian University


Spiritual Life

Campus Minister: Rev. Wilbert Van Saane

In keeping with Haigazian University’s mission to help the individual grow as a complete person, the academics are supplemented by a wide range of activities, including the physical, social, and spiritual. Within a context of academic freedom, students are encouraged  to explore—or discover—their faith, and grow closer to God. The Campus Ministry, under the leadership of the Rev. Wilbert van Saane, interfaces with students through Spiritual Life activities and personal contacts, and offers a variety of ways to explore faith in Jesus Christ. Here are some Spiritual Life activities during the academic year:

Chapel: Led by students and the Campus Minister, the weekly chapel services are held in a contemporary and informal setting open to anyone, student, faculty or staff, who wishes to attend. Guest speakers occasionally visit and sometimes there are slide shows, skits, and music videos. Chapel meets every Wednesday from 12:10-12:45PM in the Auditorium.

Small group: Bi-weekly meetings for Bible study or book study. In the academic year 2016-17 the focus will be on the theme of discipleship and the Gospel of Luke. .

Service: Part of the goal of the University is to lead students into service, and so the Spiritual Life program encourages the students to discover how they can serve others, following Jesus’ example. Students are encouraged to serve in their own churches, which represent the entire spectrum of denominations in the region. Students are also encouraged to serve their community at large, showing their faith by their deeds.

Counseling: In conjunction with the university’s Counseling Center, the Campus Minister’s office is always open for anyone who wishes to come and discuss issues of concern, whether “religious” or not. All discussions are strictly confidential.